Mobfather: The Story of a Wife and a Son Caught in the Web of the Mafia

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In "Mobfather", George Anastasia exposes what it really means to be married to the mob—and fathered by it. As revealed in their harrowing personal accounts, life for the wife and sons of Thomas "Tommy Del" DelGiorno became a descent into hell. When Maryann Welch ignored misgivings on her wedding day and plunged into marriage with the small-time gangster, she could not have foreseen how swiftly his greed and bloodlust would propel him to the highest ranks of the South Philadelphia Mafia. In the end, guilty of a raft of crimes that included multiple murders, Tommy Del served less than a year in prison in exchange for turning government witness during a dozen trials against fellow mobsters.

Revisiting his gangland classic, the author follows up on the fates of all the major players. Based on years of reporting, thousands of pages of court testimony, and extensive interviews, Mobfather takes the reader deep into the heart of corruption.

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