Speaking Engagements


1 -- The history of the South Philadelphia mob from Angelo Bruno to the present. Full of insights and humor and based on years of reporting on and interacting with wiseguys and the law enforcement agents who investigated them, this is a one-hour presentation (including time for a Q&A session). During the talk, the author will read excerpts from several of his books and discuss personal experiences, including a description of the murder contract mob boss John Stanfa put on his life. (Program includes autographed copies of three books that can be awarded as door prizes or auctioned at the event.)

Fee - $2,500

2 – Italian-Americans and the mob. A personal account of the author’s experience growing up as an Italian-American and how this impacted his career and his writing. The talk includes anecdotes and historic vignettes about famous Italian-Americans and contrasts their achievements with the “Godfather mystique” that is so much a part of pop culture. The presentation includes readings from two Italian-American anthologies to which the author has contributed – A Sitdown with the Sopranos and Don’t Tell Momma – and a Q&A session.

Fee - $2,000

3 – The rise of the celebrity don and the demise of the America Mafia is a one-hour presentation that focuses on the loss of “values” in the once honored society and how that has contributed to the destruction of the powerful and secretive society. The talk focuses on the Gambino and Genovese crime families in New York and the Philadelphia branch of Cosa Nostra. Special emphasis on the author’s book Gotti’s Rules and the role Albanian-American hitman John Alite (the principal in the book) played in the destruction of the Mafia. (Program includes three autographed copies of Gotti’s Rules that can be awarded as door prizes or auctioned at the event.)

Fee - $2,500


About the speaker:

Born in South Philadelphia and raised in southern New Jersey, George Anastasia is a graduate of Dartmouth College (1969) with a B.A. in French Literature. He is an adjunct professor/lecturer at Rowan University and has also taught at Drexel University and Temple University. He has been a lecturer for a U.S. State Department-sponsored series of weeklong seminars on journalism and organized crime in Bulgaria (2004, 2007), Croatia (2005), Serbia (2006) and Italy (2007). He also was awarded sabbaticals to study at Swarthmore College and the University of Florida. The veteran journalist worked for 38 years as a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has reported on organized and disorganized crime for decades, covering casino gambling in Atlantic City, mob hits in Philadelphia and criminal prosecutions throughout the country. He is currently a freelance writer and author specializing in crime reporting. The recipient of numerous journalism awards, Anastasia is the author of seven books and two anthologies, including "Blood and Honor" (William Morrow & Co., 1991), which Jimmy Breslin called "the best gangster book ever written." His other books are NYT bestsellers "The Summer Wind" (Regan Books/HarperCollins, 1999) about the Thomas Capano-Anne Marie Fahey murder case and "The Last Gangster” (HarperCollins, 2004); "The Goodfella Tapes” (Avon Books, 1998), and "Mobfather" (Kensington Books, 1993). His latest book, “Gotti’s Rules,” was published in January 2015 by Dey Street Books/HarperCollins. His work has also appeared in two anthologies of Italian-American writers, “Don’t Tell Momma” and “A Sitdown with the Sopranos.” He is the co-author (with Glen Macnow) of “The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies” (Perseus Books, 2011) and collaborated with mob lawyer and former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman on Goodman’s biography “Being Oscar” (Weinstein Books, 2013). His work at The Inquirer also formed the basis for two true crime anthologies, "Mob Files" and "Philadelphia True Noir," both published by Camino Books. He is also the author of a novella, "The Big Hustle" (Philadelphia Inquirer Books, 2001).

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